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Castle Clash – About the game

Castle Clash is a popular smartphon and facebook game from “I Got Games” based in Singapore. It is a strategy game that offers us almost infinite number of possibilities. It has already been installed by over 10 million users. We can only play it in online mode. The game is free, however, it has a micropayment system that greatly facilitates the development of our characters. With diamonds, we can get characters that are not available to other players, speed up the construction of buildings and many more. The goal of the game is to build a village in which we will train and develop our heroes to win various fights.

Each of the many buildings available in the game has different functions. Some of them produce the necessary materials (such as mana or gold), some are used to store them, some to trade, etc. In the game, however, the heroes are the most important: we can buy them using several different currencies. The heroes are divided in terms of their occurrence (ordinary, elite and legendary). There are several dozen of them, and the number is constantly growing. The most important thing in the game will be to develop their skills. This can also be done in several ways. First of all, we have to earn experience points to enter the next levels. We gain experience in battles, dungeons or using items that we can win or buy at the supermarket. We also need to develop the main attack of the hero and equip him with powerful runes. The heroes are very different from each other and an important element of the game is the strategy in creating a team for various tasks. In our village there are also troops, but these are not as important as the heroes and do not take part in many game modes.

Castle Clash, like many similar games, is endless – we can develop our village and heroes for as long as we want. Due to the very high complexity it can also be time-consuming, especially at later stages of the game. It has pretty good graphics. Frequent updates also introduce many new products, not only when it comes to heroes. Castle Clash is constantly evolving, and players can enjoy new options (eg the possibility of owning “heroes”). We can consider the lack of a clear plot and the fact that it is slow to load. The micropayment system also gives users unequal opportunities – the probability of hitting the best heroes without paid options is very low, and the development of the city takes a very long time.

We invite you to watch the game’s trailer: