Dragon City Hack Tool – Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food [iOS/Android/Facebook]

This application is a very functional and simple Dragon City iOS/Android/Facebook hack. It is very practical and interesting for anyone who wants to develop his dragon village very fast without long waiting on lower levels and without spending money. Thanks to this aforementioned program, Dragon City game will be faster, easier and it will give its players more and more fun. Of course our Dragon City iOS/Android/Facebook cheats are very safe. This application is free from viruses, spyware and other programs. What is more this application is not detectable for the manufacturer so the player’s account is protected from banning and other negative effects. Frequent updates make this hack functional with any new version of the game.

Presented Dragon City hack tool is suitable for iOS and Android system. It can also be used by players who play it on Facebook with the use of their mobile devices or PC browsers. A very important advantage of this tool is its simplicity. Even beginners know how to use it, because it does not have any advanced functions. This practical application works with all game updates and it is always protected from detection, malfunctions, errors and other problems. Players who use this hack love its simplicity and functionality.

Our Dragon City hack tool makes the game more entertaining and easier, because it allows for getting unlimited amount of resources available in the game. Users have to choose or detect their platform before connecting the game. Thanks to this hack, each player is able to receive additional gold, food and gems – these are resources that are important for development of the village and dragons. What is more, this Dragon City tool also allows for getting higher level or additional dragons, so it is great for impatient players who do not want to play through the beginning stages. Of course players are able to choose elements that they want to use. It is also possible to stop using these Dragon City tips any time.

Dragon City

The game called Dragon City is a social network game created for users of social networks and features multiplayer functions. The main developer of this game is Social Point – a company from Spain. This game was launched on Facebook in May 8, 2012 and it is also suitable for downloading. Its iOS downloadable version was launched on this platform in 2013. Social Point made this game available for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android platform in August 2014. It is suitable for players who love strategy games. The main task of this game is raising dragons and creating a Dragon City on floating islands. Dragon City is the game that received very good opinions from players, critics and experts. Thanks to connecting this game with Facebook, a player gets a reward (additional, exclusive dragon and 10 gems).

The main area of this game is one of the aforementioned floating islands. Each player gets and island and creates his own village and starts his own breeding. Developers of this game have prepared over 100 types of dragons and they create many other species, so the game is very entertaining and even experienced players can find dragons that are new for them. There are many main groups of dragons: Earth, Fire, Sea, Nature, Electrical, Ice, Metal, Darkness, Legendary and Clean Dragons. Players are allowed to hybridize different types of dragons and this process allows for creating very rare, interesting and powerful dragons. The village offers many building options that allow for creating many new magical building that offer different functions and advantages.

Of course the process of building the village and dragons breeding is very interesting and entertaining, so it gives a lot of fun for the players. The game also offers many attractive multiplayer aspects. Everyone can test skills of his or her dragons. It is possible thanks to the system of battles with thousands of other players. What is more, each player is allowed to visit villages of his or her friends and send them presents. Another advantage of this game is the fact that Social Point is still developing and updating the game, so there are many new elements and the game will not become boring even for players with many years of experience. 

The game is very entertaining thanks to many missions that each player is able to complete. These missions include many different tasks and they allow players for getting attractive rewards. Developers perform frequent updates and they repair any malfunctions and problems very fast. Players are also able to improve their game by using special, bonus content and elements. These special items are available thanks to the system of mircotransactions.

Dragon City is the game that offers many elements and improvements to its players. It is able to give a lot of fun to beginners and more experienced players thanks to frequent updates and special bonus content. It is also very entertaining for players who do not want to use paid bonuses and prefer free mode (without paying for anything).